Early Learning Academy

Following the Leader: About Pansophic Learning

Early Learning Academy’s parent company, Pansophic Learning, is an education company that strives to provide students and educators exceptional learning solutions to maximize their success in both school and life—regardless of geographic, financial, or demographic circumstance. Pansophic has over a dozen Academies in its portfolio that incorporate the latest research on early brain development and unique early childhood needs. This knowledge flows down, allowing each Early Learning Academies’ Partner Center to utilize curriculum to meet each child’s needs.

We believe all children should have the opportunity and the support to become whatever they wish to be in life. With years of experience in the child care sector and ownership of an existing education platform, Pansophic is uniquely positioned to leverage its existing assets and provide a firm foundation for its myriad Academies and centers to provide care and education that routinely exceed early learning standards for quality.