Children’s Advocacy Center of Bristol County

In 1985, Former Alabama Congressman Robert E. “Bud” Cramer, who was then a District Attorney, organized an effort to formulate a child- and family-focused response to the investigation and service delivery process to allegations and disclosures of child sexual abuse.

Abused children were often:

  • Further traumatized as a result of repetitious interviews by many investigative authorities
  • Subject to an adult-model of interrogation
  • Lacked connection to medical or mental health services

A multi-disciplinary team (MDT) response was absent to assist them in their investigative and healing journey. In response to needing a better system to support child victims of sexual abuse, the first Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC) was formed in 1985 in Alabama housed at the National Children Advocacy Center ( Over 950 CACs exist in the United States and in more than 10 countries throughout the world.