Bristol Community College

Bristol Community College provides an accessible, innovative and inclusive education that prepares students to navigate and succeed in our ever-changing world.

Advancing a vibrant, diverse community through education, learner by learner.


We are dedicated to creating an atmosphere of professionalism, where all stakeholders can share their ideas, work together and support one another in our common goal of student success.

We openly and honestly share information that impacts our work, include stakeholders in the decision-making process and ensure a collective approach to shared goals that relies on ongoing feedback from students, faculty, staff and community members.

We commit to fostering a diverse college community that respectfully embraces and affirms individual perspectives and identities to create an environment that promotes inclusion and equity for all.

We meet the challenges of today and tomorrow by creating a culture built on creativity, ingenuity and agility, where people are empowered to continuously improve our processes and perspectives to exceed community needs and expectations.

We treat each other with kindness, assume positive intent and genuinely listen to each other to celebrate our individual differences and foster our collective strengths.

Student Success
We strive to serve our students and support their growth, providing them with equitable access to all services, support and the tools necessary to achieve their personal, professional and educational goals.